2014 GB Diving Expeditions


The Slate Islands

near Oban, Scotland - Deep into History

These small deserted islands are steeped in history. The hub of the UK’s slate industry in the 18th and 19th century, the quarry collapsed after a huge storm flooded the mines with seawater and destroyed all the machinery that lay within them. The islanders who worked the mines had to leave and the islands are now abandoned and forgotten. The flooded quarries have been dived before, but there are no records of what lays in the depths. Some of the mines are thought to be up to 90m deep! Now it’s your turn to discover this rare, relatively unexplored gem in the North East Atlantic.

The team would establish a comprehensive base camp, and then spend four days on the islands, mapping the quarries using recreational and technical diving techniques. This is a challenging expedition that will push into the depths of this historic system, filming and mapping the progress at every stage. A rare chance in the modern diving world to lay a line for others to follow.

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