2014 GB Diving Expeditions


The Monach Islands

Be at the Heart of the Greatest Wildlife Event in Europe

The Monachs are a tiny group of sand islands a few miles off the coast of the Outer Hebrides. For most of the year they are relatively quiet, with just the wind and waves as a backing track. Come the Autumn though, they explode into life as 20,000 grey seals - a tenth of the world’s population - come ashore to mate, to fight, and to feed. It is a scene like no other in the Europe, as massed ranks of seals of all ages establish territories on the beaches, and the dunes.

The team will live in an abandoned school house on the island, and film the action both topside and underwater. They will also dive the western edge of the island - unexplored by divers, and consisting of cliffs that plunge into deep, crystal clear water. Andy has dived this region once “Just a drop off that kept on going” is how he describes it.

NB: For this expedition, all transport and equipment will be provided once the team members arrive in Oban. Transport to Oban will need to be arranged by the individual expedition members.

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