2014 GB Diving Expeditions


Glacial Lake Llyn cwm llwch

Brecon Beacons, South Wales - A legendary lake with a mystical sunken island.

A National Trust lake which is known for it’s rugged surroundings and its Celtic folk lore legend. They say there's an enchanted island in the centre of the lake, but it’s invisible from the shore. There have been accounts of swimmers seeing it but can’t describe it. At around 20m deep (or so they think) it has relatively clear waters and is surrounded by wildlife. With a great camping spot on the shore and other breathaking lakes to explore in the area, this is an ideal place to lose yourself (not literally- there’s a pub about 3 miles away).

This is a less remote site, however this will still be a demanding expedition due to the requirement of carrying the kit up to the lake. The plan is to push as far as possible using the Land Rover, then man pack (woman pack) the gear to the shores of the lake. Here a camp will be established, and the lake explored over the next 24 hours through a series of dives. Samples will also be taken from the lake to test for water quality, as well as images and footage of the life within it. The team will also look for the island of course! Should this prove to be a relatively straightforward dive, other lakes nearby will also be dived - this will involve strenuous yomps / scrambles / climbs taking dive kit with us.

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