2014 GB Diving Expeditions


Cape Wrath

Be at the Heart of the Greatest Wildlife Event in Europe

Cape Wrath (whose name alone is excuse enough to mount a trip here) lies in the far NW tip of Britain. The dark sea cliffs, the highest in the UK at over 700ft, plunge into clear, and often stormy, waters most of which is entirely unexplored as is the sea stacks, small islands, rocky reefs and pinnacles that circle the coastline. The whole area teems with wildlife all year round and the underwater natural history should prove to be just as prolific. There is only one possible landing spot in the area - Kervaig Bay. This beautiful, pristine sandy beach is flanked by the black, looming Clo Mor cliffs and to it's rear is a small bothy and area to pitch our tents. This is the most remote spot on mainland UK, it is intimidating and powerful but can also be peacefully serene and wildly beautiful...and most of it's under-sea world remains completely undiscovered.

The team will camp in and around the Kervaig Bothy. We'll launch and land on the beach, which in itself will prove an adventure and require teamwork to achieve safely. From our base here we'll head out around the coast to explore the unknown subsea topography and wildlife and try and locate some new wrecks. Team Members will be responsible for getting themselves to Durness, the closest village. Be aware this is a long, long way North so once we have the team confirmed we'll start to discuss transport logistics e.g. car-sharing.

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