Great British Diving Expeditions

Each expedition will consist of a team of divers, weird and wonderful dive sites, lots of kit,   trekking, initiative, and a genuine challenge.

Congers of connemara
September 2015



2014 The Slate Islands

These small deserted islands are steeped in history. The hub of the UK’s slate industry in the 18th and 19th century, the quarry collapsed after a huge storm flooded the mines with seawater and destroyed all the machinery that lay within them. (more)




2014 Monach Islands

The Monachs are a tiny group of sand islands a few miles off the coast of the Outer Hebrides. For most of the year they are relatively quiet, with just the wind and waves as a backing track. (more)


2014 Cape Wrath

Cape Wrath (whose name alone is excuse enough to mount a trip here) lies in the far NW tip of Britain. The dark sea cliffs, the highest in the UK at over 700ft, plunge into clear, and often stormy, waters most of which is entirely unexplored as is the sea stacks, small islands, rocky reefs and pinnacles that circle the coastline. (more)

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